Meetup at the Hunt Lake Trail (part 1)

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On Saturday, me and my girlfriend Mary-Clara joined a Meetup group for a day hike on the Hunt Lake Trail, a challenging 13.4km hike in the rugged terrain of the Canadian Shield in Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba.

For those of you not familiar with Meetup, it is an App that allows you to gather for events with people over a shared interest. This particular group is called Happy Feet and focuses on outdoor activities and I am one of the organiser of the group (although I did not organise this particular hike). If you’d like to be more active, outgoing or meet new people, a Meetup might be the right thing for you. A year and a half ago, I knew nothing about Manitoba’s hiking trail and now through these groups, I’ve discovered dozens of trails and even met my girlfriend through one of the events. If not into hiking, Meetup has tons of other groups with other interests (guided tours, partying, spirituality, yoga etc.) that could open up your world.

The Hunt Lake Trail is one of my favourite hiking place for many reasons, it is easily accessed as it is not far from the Transcanada highway, just at the edge of Manitoba/Ontario border, it offers a real challenge with its lenght and rugged terrain and offers spectacular views of lakes and cliff faces.

It is considered a difficult/challenging hike and therefore, I would not recommend it as a first hike until you know what you are capable of. Appart from the distance itself 6.7km to the shelter and as much for the return, you will encounter many obstacles. The trail is littered with rocks and roots grabbing to the surface of the boulders and has many cliffs to climb or descend, you won’t need any rock climbing equipment but will certainly have to use your hands here and there to navigate an obstacle. Depending on the season/weather you could also encounter wet or slippery surfaces.

Be prepared, don’t travel alone, bring a lot of water, some snacks and be sure someone in the group has a first aid kit. Also, be sure you have proper shoes/boots with good grip and clothes appropriate to the weather. If you have any knee or ankle injury, I would also recommend to bring hiking poles.

Here’s a few more pictures and I’ll keep going in part two. Hope you enjoy and please share and leave a comment.

3 Replies to “Meetup at the Hunt Lake Trail (part 1)”

  1. There is an old loop that goes into Ontario. It’s no longer maintained but it is marked with flagging tape. It’s about 17km and it is easier since you only have to hike the steep cliffs on the west hawk side once.


    1. I have heard of it but also encountered quite a few people in my past hikes who said they turned around because it was too hard to follow. Have you done it recently?


      1. I did it last year in July for the first time and again in October. It is way easier to follow in the fall time with all the leaves off the trees and branches. You could see the trail better in the fall. You’ll lose the trail in some places but if you have a gpx track of the trail it makes it way easier.


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